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TCM offerings

Flourish fully in your life with modern meditation and mindfulness approaches for your body, mind and soul.

The Compassionate Mind offers a range of private and group opportunities for those looking for a holistic, practical approach to meditation and mindfulness that is research-based, grounded in ancient wisdom, and adapted for modern living. 

Our offerings are available in person in Calgary, AB, and worldwide to individuals and groups using Zoom.


Flourishing Through meditation

Free, Live and Online Monthly Sessions

You’re invited to join our community on the second Wednesday of every month from 10-11 MT via Zoom. During each session, we will have a brief presentation on a specific topic that delves into the connection between flourishing and meditation. This will be followed by a guided meditation practice aligned with the topic, allowing our community to meditate together. Finally, we will engage in an inspiring Q&A and discussion. These gatherings empower participants to cultivate inner peace, presence and authentic happiness.

Complementary Speaking

Motivational Talk | 1 hour

A one-hour talk is ideal for a lunch-and-learn, church groups, conferences, or book clubs. Topics include the following:

  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness for Modern Lives
  • Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness
  • Rethink Stress and Begin to Flourish
  • Self-Compassion for a Peaceful Life
  • Harnessing Your Intuition Super Power
  • Befriending Fear and Anxiety
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Learn to Meditate Session

Private and Group Workshop | 3 hours

This 3-hour Learn to Meditate Session is for individuals or groups who want to set up a core meditation practice that keeps it short, simple and transformative. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn an effortless meditation technique that you can do easily at home without listening to tapes, being guided, or joining a religious or spiritual group.

Calgary Meditation Collaborative

Promoting unity, connection, and compassion

Our goal is to bring people from all different spiritual traditions and disciplines together to foster wholeness and unity consciousness. We believe that meditation and mindfulness practices are essential for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and we want to make these practices accessible to everyone in our community.

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Ignite your inner sparkle

Private One-On-One Coaching | 4 Months

A 4-month private mindfulness-based coaching program designed with the unique needs of women in mind. It’s for women who want to be empowered with personalized meditation, mindfulness and other simple practices for inner peace, well-being and authentic happiness. Through this transformative coaching journey, you will get tools, personalized guidance, and support to become the best version of YOU and sparkle from the inside out. 

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Custom Offerings

Not sure what you need for yourself or your group? Connect with us and let’s chat!