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Learn to Meditate Session

Private and group workshop | 3 hours

Learn to meditate and make the shift from stressed to calm, focused and resilient.

Improve your health, calm your mind and build your resilience to stress by learning how to establish a short and simple core meditation practice.

This powerful yet practical approach designed for people with busy lives is grounded in ancient wisdom and validated by current research. It’s a holistic meditation practice that nourishes the body-mind-soul but has no particular religious or spiritual affiliations.

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The workshop helps you understand how to meditate on a personal level so that you can feel the benefits right away.

We believe:

  • Anyone can learn to meditate with the proper guidance
  • Meditation is an effortless process
  • A small commitment to learning a daily practice could change how you experience the rest of your life
  • You deserve the tools and knowledge to be more resilient and empowered with a practice that will stick

In this session, you’ll learn that there are various ways to meditate. You’ll discover the basics of successful meditation, what meditation is, what it isn’t, your experiences, the five essentials of a successful practice, and the many benefits that will unfold when you learn to meditate.

Return to a place of peace.

A powerful + practical approach that will change how you experience the rest of your life.

The program’s mainstay is a meditation technique that has you focus on your breath and a silent sound, or mantra, that helps you direct your attention inward and go beyond your thoughts to reconnect with that place of peace. The technique is powerful yet simple to do.

The session includes:

  • An introduction to a meditation practice that is portable and can be done anywhere with no apps or sitting cross-legged on the floor.
  • How to use mindfulness in everyday life.
  • Understanding the effects of stress: how it accumulates and how to release it.
  • Becoming intimate with the way your mind works.
  • Ways in which meditation changes your brain and the findings in neuroplasticity.
  • Three necessary ingredients for any meditation practice.
  • The five essentials for successful meditation.
  • Easy to use meditation techniques.
  • How to meditate anywhere and create your practice.
  • Peace finder practices- what to do when stressed at work or other situations.

I recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to reduce stress and bring inner peace to their life.

In-person quarterly workshop | 3 hours

Meditation For Women: Learn to Meditate

Set up your own personal meditation practice that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

This comprehensive workshop is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to establish a meditation practice in the comfort of your own home and the convenience of your schedule.

You’ll learn powerful, time-tested practices that are simple and easy to improve your health, calm your mind, and build your resilience to stress.

You’ll spend a nourishing afternoon with like-minded women and come away inspired to make your new meditation habit stick!

About Bev

Nice to meet you!

Bev Janisch is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher through the McLean Meditation Institute. In 2014 she founded The Compassionate Mind and has taught hundreds of people how to set up simple yet transformative practices. Bev brings 30 years of experience as a master’s prepared nurse to her current role and is passionate about empowering people with the tools and knowledge to build resilience and fully flourish.

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