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Ignite Your Inner Sparkle

Mindfulness-Based Coaching Program | 4 Months

Ignite Your Inner Sparkle

Make the shift from stressed and disconnected to peacefully empowered, living an authentic life that’s true to your soul.

A one-on-one coaching program designed with the unique needs of women in mind. 

Ignite Your Inner Sparkle is a meditation and mindfulness-based coaching program for modern women seeking tools and support to reconnect with themselves, clear away the clutter, and regain their inner sparkle.

Make significant transformations in your life with a personalized coaching approach that integrates simple meditation, mindfulness, and other simple practices for inner peace, well-being and authentic happiness.

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Ignite Your Inner Sparkle is a great fit if:

  • You're looking for simple practices...

    And personalized one-on-one guidance to improve your health, relationships and a sense of purpose.

  • You feel disconnected...

    From what you want and need in life because you’ve been focused on what you should do and the needs of your children, spouse’s parents, friends, and other people.

  • Your stress and disconnection...

    Impacts your physical and emotional health, and you’d like to feel calm, connected and courageous to live your best life.

  • You notice that you worry a lot...

    Or that you feel dull inside. You may find that you try to “numb” your emotions with food, shopping, alcohol, medication, busyness or other things to deal with the uncomfortable feelings.

  • Your gut is telling you...

    That something needs to change, but you don’t have the tools or know how to do it. You feel you lack the courage to move forward, so you feel stuck.

Move into a whole new way of being

Reconnect with who you are and sparkle from the inside out!

Bev shares a personal message about why she created a signature coaching program for women:

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If you’re a woman feeling stressed and disconnected, you’re not alone! With personalized tools and a mindfulness-based coaching approach, it is possible to reconnect with yourself and ignite your inner sparkle.

As a skilled and compassionate guide, I’ve been in your shoes and can see beyond your current struggles to light a path for you.  You deserve to live with inner peace, presence and purpose.

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What Makes Me The Right Guide For You

I understand the unique challenges of being a caring and compassionate person and will support you in implementing simple practices that help you connect with yourself, nourish your nervous system and work with your thoughts and feelings in healthy ways. 

In our work together I use different lenses to quickly get to the root of your stress and suffering. This approach considers your personality (the Enneagram of personality), gender, family and societal conditioning when developing your personalized mindfulness-based coaching program. 

I can connect many dots and provide the right resources, support and guidance at the right time so you get unstuck and move forward with greater clarity and courage to visualize and become your future best self.

I can't wait to share this powerful process with you!

What you'll receive on this coaching journey:

  • one-on-one coaching

    Eight hours of personalized one-on-one coaching that includes a 2-hour launch session to set you up with a cored meditation practice for a flourishing body, mind and soul.

  • Enneagram of Personality

    An Enneagram of personality online test to help you see yourself clearly, identify limiting beliefs and visualize a path going forward.

  • Weekly Reflection Template

    A weekly Reflection Template that enables you to pause, integrate what you’re learning in your day-to-day life and identify any struggles you may be having.

  • Tools and resources

    Personalized meditation, mindfulness and other inner practice tools and resources to build a toolkit you can use for the rest of your life.

  • Welcome package

    A welcome package in the mail to inspire, empower and make you feel special!

About Bev

Nice to meet you!

Bev Janisch is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher through the McLean Meditation Institute. In 2014 she founded The Compassionate Mind and has taught hundreds of people how to set up simple yet transformative practices. Bev brings 30 years of experience as a master’s prepared nurse to her current role and is passionate about empowering people with the tools and knowledge to build resilience and fully flourish.

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A few kind words...

I had recently separated from my husband and was struggling with my new identity and who I was without him. I was dealing with the uncertainty of this difficult situation and how to find peace and contentment in spite of the challenges I was facing. The concepts and tools I received in the program really aligned with what I believe to be true about healing. I have done talk therapy many times and it has not been a catalyst for transformation like this program was. I feel it creates changes at an energy level and has long-lasting effects that really address root issues.

Emily B

Through the coaching, I went through a lot of changes and learned who I was and what I needed in order to love myself. I found out the beliefs/values that held me back. I learned how to accept my emotions and communicate effectively about my needs. I learned how to say no without feeling guilty and how to establish boundaries. I established a meditation routine and was able to create healthy space for myself. I gained the tools that will help me discover, learn, and grow every day.

Alanna H

Firstly, with meditation, I noticed an instant sense of calm, peace, and positivity. Within no time I noticed myself caring about me again; what I said, what I did, who I hung out with, what I ate, what I drank. I was harboring a lot of expectations, judgements, anger, resentment, and just plain hurt. As we went through the different sessions, and I completed my assignments, I started to come to peace with relationships, how they were without trying to control them. Many of my relationships are stronger now, most of all the one with myself. 

Victoria C

Soon after meeting with Bev and starting my meditation practice, I began to feel calmer, less anxious and better equipped to express myself during uncomfortable and potentially confrontational situations. Bev provided me with the tools that allowed me to recognize when I was stress eating or even before I got to it. She taught me about self-compassion and I started to realize just how hard I was on myself. I also learned how to discuss things with my husband on a more mature level. I just feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Amanda B


Mindfulness-based life coaching is a journey that combines traditional coaching techniques with the transformative power of meditation, mindfulness and other related practices like self-compassion, gratitude and forgiveness. It is a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth that can help you cultivate greater self-awareness, unlock your inner wisdom, and awaken to your deeper presence. The practices and homework done between sessions can help you shift your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in a more positive direction and guide you to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, connection and well-being.

Mindfulness practices can help you connect with your true self, open your heart, and align your mind, body, and soul. Through meditation and mindfulness, you can cultivate inner peace, reduce stress and anxiety, and invite more joy, love, and abundance into your life.

By working with a compassionate and intuitive coach, you can develop personalized practices and receive gentle guidance to help you navigate your journey.

Mindfulness-based life coaching is a container that can hold the space for your soul to unfold and blossom. It is a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your deepest fears, dreams, and desires and receive gentle guidance and loving encouragement to help you realize your full potential. Working with a coach who shares your spiritual values and can honour your unique path is essential.

In a typical mindfulness-based life coaching session, you can expect to enter a sacred space where you can connect with your inner wisdom and receive personalized guidance. You may engage in mindfulness practices such as meditation, visualization, and other practices and will have homework to support your progress between sessions. Sessions may be conducted in person or remotely, and the frequency is commonly every two weeks, although it can be adjusted to fit your needs and schedule.

The benefits of mindfulness-based life coaching go beyond personal growth and well-being. It is a journey of personal and spiritual awakening that can transform your relationship with yourself, others, and the mysteries of life. By incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices into your daily life and working with a compassionate and intuitive coach to develop personalized practices, you can deepen your connection to your soul and open yourself to the infinite possibilities of the universe. With a mind-body-soul perspective, you can promote holistic healing and feel vibrant, with connected relationships and a sense of purpose.

Begin Your Journey

Schedule a time to chat and learn more about the Ignite Your Inner Sparkle coaching program and if it’s the right fit for you.

Ignite your inner sparkle

I look forward to hearing from you & discussing your journey.

A few questions...

What brings you to explore mindfulness-based coaching? What are you hoping to achieve through this journey?
What are some of the challenges you're facing in your life right now? Is there anything specific you're struggling with that you'd like to work on together?
Have you had any experience with mindfulness or meditation practices in the past? I'd love to hear more about your experience, and how you felt about it.
I'm excited to explore how mindfulness-based coaching can support you in improving your well-being. How committed are you to making changes in your life, and are there any specific areas you're looking to focus on?
Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?